Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Birthday, Eva!

On Feb. 24th, Eva turned 2!  Our sweet baby girl is not much of a baby anymore.  Since Max had a birthday on the 19th, and Grandma and Grandpa would be in town, we decided to have a combined birthday party.  Max was throwing up that day, though not acting too sick, so we held the party outside in the wind so all the germs would dissipate.  Jeanette made two really cute cakes and the kids had a great time running around.

We didn't do much to celebrate on the day of Eva's birthday.  But I did surprise her with some balloons in the morning and we had ice cream cones after dinner - a favorite treat of hers.

Another party on Sunday with the Buttars, but I don't have pics of it.  

She got some fun things - two purses, a cash register, Minnie Mouse puzzle, a beautiful blanket my mom made for her, a book, cute clothes, a pair of squeaky shoes she thought were fantastic, and a few other fun things.  I made her an apron because she loves to eat ice cream and yogurt.  By herself.  Which is very, very messy and a bib just didn't cover enough.

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