Sunday, March 27, 2016

Provo City Center Temple Open House

After hearing people talking about going to the Provo City Center Temple Open House, I realized I ought to take advantage of a new temple opening and the opportunity for my children to see inside.  So I got online to see about getting tickets.  And I thought Jeanette's family might want to come.  And then I thought maybe Mom and Dad would like to come, since they would be up this way for Max's birthday.  And since we were inviting, maybe Matt and Amanda and Jesse and Natalie and their kids might want to come.  And they all did.  Well, Matt and Jesse couldn't come, but everyone else came, which turned out to be about 20 people!

The only time would could get that all of us could make it was 8:30 am on Saturday (Feb. 20) morning.  So we all got up extra early, dressed in Sunday clothes and drove down.  I was so glad we made the effort to go because it was one of the most beautiful temples I have seen, with rich jewel toned colors inside and dark wood and stained glass windows.  And it was such a blessing to be there with so many family members.

Dad took us out for donuts after the dedication and then we all headed our separate ways home.  It was a wonderful Saturday!

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