Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nana's Easter Egg Hunt

Jackie and Steve always put so much work in to the parties they throw for the grandkids.  And the Easter Egg Hunt is no different.  (This year it was help on Sunday, March 29.)  Each grandchild has a different color of eggs to find.  They get money and candy and usually a little toy.  We love Nana and Bumpa and Easter eggs!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Spring Break, Part 2

Tuesday of Spring Break week brought mini golfing.  Darren worked from home and stayed with Eva and the boys and I went to Swan Lakes for a round of mini golfing.  We kept score, although after counting 12 stroked for Noah on the first hole, and he still hadn't gotten the ball in, I decided he wouldn't be on the score card.  In the end, Davis beat me by several strokes.

One day we took a tour of Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate Factory.  Natalie and her boys, Payson and Tytan, went with us.  It turned out they were making anything that day, so the tour was a little . . . boring.  But we got some free samples and the ice cream cones at the end were delicious!  

Homemade cinnamon rolls for snack one day, a movie day in pajamas another day.

And the culminating event - Living Planet Aquarium on Friday.  Unfortunately, we were several in a million who decided to go the same day.  We still had a great time and the boys didn't even seem to notice the people they had to elbow out of the way to get to the front to see the displays.  There was an Amazon or South American area and Darren and Davis waiting a bit in line to walk across the rope bridge.  Davis was very brave, but I could tell by the way his eyes were glued to his feet that it was a little more difficult than he expected.  I think the favorite was the shark tank you could walk through.  They probably could have stayed there for several hours.  We also watched a 4-D short movie, the kind that squirts you with mist and air.  Eva hated it and I ended up standing in the back corner with her.  Davis LOVED it and Noah did not.  

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Break, Part 1

Well, a week with the kids home all day can seem daunting.  So I planned as many fun things as I could and we had a blast and I was sorry to see the week end.  We started out on Monday (March 30) with a trip down to Temple Square.  We took a tour of the Conference Center, which the kids didn't find terribly interesting, but Darren and I did.  General Conference was  the following Sunday and we wanted them to see where it would be.

Then we walked through the flowers and by the reflecting pool and the temple.  Dinner at The Blue Lemon, which I learned is better suited for a girls lunch out, not so much for kids.  The kids meals were overpriced and neither of the boys liked theirs.

A quick water show at the fountains at City Creek and home with tired kids.  Darren took the afternoon off and came with us and it was a fun family outing!

Monday, May 4, 2015

All About Eva

Eva is a sweetheart.  But she sure is developing a little sassy attitude!  When I try to change her clothes on the floor, she rolls away and crawls toward the door as fast as she can, laughing her cute little head off.  Then I catch her and she laughs even harder.  It is a really fun game, until we are in a hurry to get somewhere.

Eva loves all fruit.  She hates most vegetables, although peas and green beans are the exception.  She likes bread and string cheese and lunch meat and spaghetti (although she doesn't seem to be a fan of plain noodles).  She has a sweet tooth just like her mama and loves jelly beans (pulled in half and and squished so she doesn't choke) and ice cream and cookies.

Eva goes to bed about 7 pm and gets up about 7 am.  She takes two naps a day, and when we have pushed her past her naptime, she gets pretty whiny.  Lately, she has been resisting going to bed at night because she wants to stay up late and play with her parents.

Eva finally started crawling about two weeks after her first birthday.  She is now pulling herself up on things a little and she will walk while someone holds her hands.  But she doesn't love it.  She can now crawl VERY fast and get anywhere she wants.  She is the only one of my children who loves opening and emptying cupboards.  She found the snack cupboard and took the clip off a bag of goldfish crackers and emptied them on the floor.  And then got pretty mad at me for cleaning it all up.

Eva loves her brothers.  In the morning she gets really excited to see them.  They are so good to her, making her laugh and bringing her toys and singing to her when she is sad.  We love having Eva in our family!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dreams and more Dreams

Davis is a dreamer.  A night time dreamer.  Sometimes they are scary, sometimes crazy, sometimes downright funny.  Here are two of the latest conversations we had about his dreams.

I was talking about going in to the church at night, when it was dark, to practice the organ.
Davis:  I had a dream like that.  With buffaloes chasing me.
Darren:  In the church?
Davis:  Yeah.
Darren:  Did you get away?
Davis:  In the chapel, I hid behind the chairs.  (There was some more to the story about getting away from the buffaloes, but I was trying to get this written down and was laughing in my head at the same time and missed the rest of the story.  Something about running . . .)

Another day, we had all just gotten up and Davis said he had had a bad dream, so I asked him about it.
Davis:  My dream was about . . . (pause to remember what exactly he was going to tell me)
Noah:  A lava dog?  That would be awesome!
I have such weird boys.  But what's really funny, is that Davis's dream really was about lava.  He and Darren were by a volcano and lava was getting on them.

Sometimes Noah tries to tell me about his dreams, but he gets sidetracked after the first few sentences and walks away.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

All About Noah

Oh Noah.  Where do I even start trying to tell about such a unique soul?  Noah loves fruit and yogurt. He could probably eat a whole pizza by himself if I let let him.  He loves chocolate milk and juice.   He dislikes many, many foods, including most vegetables and most meat.   He does not like to cook, even though I try to persuade him to try helping me quite often.

Noah loves books.  Noah LOVES books.  He will sit and be read to as long as the reader can last.  He will sit and look at books quietly for a very long time.  He also loves watching TV and movies, Wild Kratts and Puss in Boots are his favorites.  He loves anything superhero.

Noah doesn't like to do hard things.  If someone else will do things for him, he will let them.  It took a very long time to help him see that he could take his own clothes off.  We are still working on teaching him that he can dress himself.  So far, putting on his own underwear is doable if accompanied by a little whining.  Clearing his own plate falls into that same category.

Noah has the most active imagination I have ever seen.  His is an imagination that creates worlds and characters, not so much art and pictures and projects.  Throughout the day, he is usually a baby tiger, a daddy lion, perhaps Captain Hook or Darth Vader, and occasionally a t-rex.  Often he will be completely immersed in whatever plot line he has created and will race his cars along the edge of the kitchen counter or use the dinosaurs we have for battles, or "verses" (like lion vs. tiger), as he calls them.  What he really loves is having someone to play in his world with him.  I join him there when I can and try to keep up with the changes in location, characters, and who is "good" and who is "bad."

With that imagination comes alot of drama.  He gets so excited to go to the zoo or watch a favorite movie or be a superhero.  But small things can bring big tears.  Someone pushes him or takes a toy or he falls down (which he does alot).  Luckily, all it takes is a good hug from mom and a cuddle with Pup and he is good again.

Noah loves to run.  But what makes it pretty fun to watch is he watches his own shadow as he goes.  He likes to see if he can run as fast as Dash (from The Incredibles) or the Flash.  When he was little, he would hold his arms bent, with the elbows high up in the back, and his arms would swing back and forth as fast as his legs would go.  He would often "wind up" before taking off.  Now, he still swings those arms with force and runs with a very determined face.

Noah doesn't care for anything educational.  I have about a minute of time in which he can focus and I try to teach him a letter.  Then, as we read books, I will have him look for letters he knows in the title. I can usually get him to find two letters before he say, "Just read, Mom!"

Noah constantly talks.  Sometimes questions.  Sometimes explaining the world he is seeing in his head.   With his sweet voice and beautiful brown eyes, he can be difficult to say "no" to.  He is the best cuddler I have ever met.  He likes to come get in bed with me in the morning and he snuggles right next to me.  He likes to be held.  During sacrament meeting, he will hold Pup (the green blanket with a puppy face which goes everywhere with us, yet gets lost multiple times a day because Noah will carry him around the house, drop him, and not remember where later.), suck on his two fingers, and be content to sit on Darren's lap.

When we are in the car driving somewhere in the afternoon, it is always a group effort to keep Noah from falling asleep.  Because if he does, anytime after noon, for any amount of time longer than 5 minutes, he will not go to bed until 10 or 11 pm.  Often we will be driving and the boys are trying to talk over each other and with me and I will not notice I haven't heard Noah's voice in a minute and he has fallen sound asleep.  And once he is asleep in the car, you simply can't wake him up and keep him awake.  It just can't be done.  

Noah loves Eva.  He likes to give her toys and talk to her.  Noah loves Davis.  About 10:30 am, Noah starts asking if it is time to go get Davis from school.  He loves to be involved in whatever Davis is doing.  He and Davis can play happily outside all afternoon in good weather.  They definitely play better outside when I am supervising from just inside the window where they don't have to compete for my attention and have a little free reign.

We love having Noah in our family.  He is so funny.  He has the best responses and questions and view of the world and I don't have a chance to write down all the things he says.  He a very sweet soul and a blessing in our home.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

All About Davis

Davis loves corn dogs and macaroni and cheese.  He loves the goulash I make (hamburger, noddles, cream of chicken soup, fiesta nacho cheese soup) and broccoli.  He does not like most cheese, Darren's spaghetti, sometimes yogurt, and most of the time milk.  He can make scrambled eggs by himself from start to finish.  He is good at pancakes and brownies with a little help.  He gets upset whenever I make cookies or cake or batter-based goodies without him.

Davis is more athletic than I ever expected.  (He used to hit his head on the wall when he got upset and he took soooo long to learn to walk.)  His favorite sport changes with whatever sport the kids are playing at school.  At the top is soccer and he is very good at it.  He is very fast and likes to race.  Right now he is playing basketball at school recess and loves it.  Any time the weather is warm enough, he begs Darren to go out and play soccer in the backyard or shoot hoops with our little hoop.

When Darren asked Davis what job he wanted when he grew up, Davis replied, "A policeman or a construction worker."  I asked why a construction worker? "Because I like to build things," he said.  Why a policeman?  "Because I already play good guy vs bad guy."  Both good reasons.

Davis is hating reading less as he learns more words.  He still reads like his mom - skims as he goes.  Unfortunately, he gets lots of words wrong because he looks at the first letter of the word and guesses the rest.  He has started his first chapter book, Magic Tree House #1, and is slowly moving through it.  He enjoys studying for his weekly spelling tests and remembers what he studies well.  He regularly gets 10/10 and often gets several of the challenge words correct.

With all that smart in his brain comes a bit of smart alec.  He doesn't like to listen to others much and has a problem with his tongue sticking out or his whiny "eehh" escaping when he doesn't like the answer to his question.  He can be a bit of a bad example to Noah, who would follow Davis anywhere.  That is why I don't take both of them together to the library.  Or the grocery store.  Or anywhere I need to get things done.

Davis loves his brother and sister.  If he could hold Eva and lug her around all day, I think he would.  When he and Noah get up early in the morning, Davis will read stories to Noah or they will go downstairs and play and play and play.  They get along fantastically until me or Darren are up, then they start to disagree and fight for attention.  When Noah is sad, Davis will do what he can to make him laugh.

Davis has a funny sense of humor and a cute, mischievous smile that makes me laugh.  We love having him in the family.  He is a good example to us all because he is often the one who reminds us to have family prayer at night and family home evening on Mondays nights.  He is a big help with Eva and a good brother to Noah.  We love Davis!