Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ralphs Family Camp Out At Boulder Mountains, June 2014

Let me just say, Jesse and Natalie picked the perfect spot for our family camp out this year.  They reserved a cute little ranger station at the base of Boulder Mountain.  It had a great kitchen and small bedroom where their family stayed.  Darren and our boys camped in a tent outside, and me, Eva, Grandma and Grandpa, and Jeanette and her boys stayed at Rock Creek Inn in Loa, about 25 min from the cabin.

There was a fence surrounding the near area to keep the cows out and it served to keep the boys within yelling distance.  There were a few very small streams through the area and alot of trees and bushes.  The boys disappeared for hours and built forts and played games and whatever else boys do in the forest.

We also did a little fishing and took some scenic drives to several pretty lakes.  It poured back at home two of the days we were gone, but it only sprinkled lightly one night and the rest of the time it was cool and breezy (ok, maybe blustery).  We had a great time!

Eva laid here for a very long time, just happy to be there.

Each boy got to build their own little fire each night, before Jesse pushed them together to make one big fire.

This was Noah's first time fishing.  And he LOVED it!

The cousins on Boulder Top

This is my favorite picture of the whole trip.  I laugh every time I look at it!

Lunch on Boulder Top - very windy!

All the men consulting the map to see how much further to go.

It's not a family campout unless Grandpa cooks breakfast.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

All About Eva!

Oh my goodness, I have the sweetest little baby girl in the world.  Eve sleeps form 7 pm till 8 or 9 am.  She takes two long naps every day, and sometimes and a little short nap in the late afternoon.  She eats four 7 oz bottles and gets really mad when we take the bottle out half way through to burp her.

Eva is a very mellow baby.  She will sit happily until she gets tired.  When she starts fussing a little we put her to bed and she happily falls asleep.  She loves to be talked to and interacted with.  She has a smile that lights up her whole face and is quite addictive.  She will coo and talk back and just keep going like she's having a conversation with you.  She isn't too interested in toys yet and doesn't reach for much.  Except her toes. When she is on her back, she likes to grab both feet and hang on.

For a month or two, she soothed herself to sleep by sucking on her thumb, but it was kind of upside down, so her fingers were on her face.  And she would scratch her nose all up.  It was so sad!  But now she sucks on her first two fingers of one hand and uses the other to softly stroke her own cheek.  No more scratches.

We gave Eva her first taste of real food a few weeks ago.  We were on our way to Boulder Mountain and had stopped to get dinner at Wendy's and I gave her a tiny little taste of a frosty.  But she didn't quite know how to get it from the tip of her tongue into her mouth and down her throat.  And she decided it was much too cold for her.  We also tried a taste of sweet potatoes a few days ago, but she just let it sit on her tongue and it eventually drooled back out.  She may not be quite ready yet.  :)

We all love Eva very much and she is such a happy presence in our home.

This is how she soothes herself to sleep.  So cute!

Friday, July 18, 2014

All About Noah!

Noah has a big heart.  He loves to cuddle and give hugs.  When one of Davis's friends does somethings not so nice to Davis, Noah comes at them yelling, "Don't do that to my brother!"  He talks to Eva when she starts crying to try to make her happy.  And he gives me great big hugs all the time.

Noah likes to play with his toys.  He REALLY likes to play with toys.  He is very imaginative and is often off in his own world with whatever toys  are handy.  But he REALLY hates to put his toys away.  It is always a battle at clean-up time.

Noah loves his new swimming pool.  He will sit in it and play for hours.  He also loves to go to the big aquatic center in Roy.  With is floaty on, he will jump off the edge over and over.

Noah loves to be read to.  The superhero books are his favorite, but he will sit for just about any story.  He also loves to watch any TV show or movie that Davis wants.  Noah and Davis will quote parts from movies and then laugh at how funny they think they are.

Noah is going through a very picky stage.  He doesn't like most veggies, most meat, potatoes, rice, eggs.  He loves cantaloupe and grapes and blueberries and apricots and peaches.  He would eat loads and loads of fruit every day if I let him.  He can also eat more than his fair share of pizza.

Noah doesn't really care for learning his ABC's or numbers.  He doesn't like most educational activities unless he can turn them into imaginative play.  Yesterday I sat down to play Candyland with him and after a few turns he started playing "stay away from the licorice pirates!" with his playing piece.  So I went along with it and decided he will learn later and we will play now.  :)

Noah is so sweet and so expressive.  I love having him in our family.

Noah was scared of our neighbor's dog at first, but after while they were best friends.:)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

All About Davis

Davis has been letting his soft heart peak out a little more often lately.  This morning he wanted to make his dad a special breakfast to say thanks because Darren got Davis bread and water last night at bedtime.  So Davis made "Davis eggs" all by himself and I made the pancakes.  Davis always shares candy with Noah when he comes home from birthday parties.  And he loves to talk to Eva and sit by her and hold her.

Davis does not love to read yet.  Too many words he doesn't know - he says.  But he loves to sit and be read to.  I found some superhero books at Costco and he and Noah will sit and listen to those as long as I will read to them.  Davis also likes to play board games.  He likes to be artistic - he will get out colored paper and crayons and tape and scissors and create really cool things.  Right now there are pictures of the earth and the moon and several rockets taped to our living room walls.

Davis has really gotten into sports.  He has loved playing soccer and this spring he played baseball for the first time and did really well.  He was a great hitter and thrower.  Darren just bought Davis his first set of  "real" golf clubs and Davis is, and always has been, quite a golfer.

Davis loves to cook.  He can make scrambled eggs by himself.  One of his favorite things to do is have me get out real ingredients and he combines them and stirs them and then we cook the finished product and see what it tastes like.  Usually it is edible.  Sometimes even good. :)

Davis's favorite colors right now are orange and red and black.  His favorite food is corn dogs and macaroni and cheese.  He loves to watch Despicable Me 2 and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.  He goes to bed great, around 8 pm, and sleeps till 7 or 8 am.  He loves watermelon and trail mix suckers.

Davis took swimming lessons again this summer and did great.  He loves to jump off the edge and is totally fine with going completely under.  He also likes to dive for sinker toys.

He is very dramatic - little things that go wrong can mean big fits - and he wants things his way - again, a big fit if not.  But he is also a quick learner and a good sport (most of the time) when playing games.  He pays attentions in Primary and always wants to participate.  He is very friendly and says "hello" to kids he knows.  He has started making new friends when we go places and tells me about them on our way home.  He can be very sweet and kind to his brother and sister and I love him very much!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Davis!

For almost a year Davis wanted a dragon party.  And I was a little worried.  I am not very creative and so decorating for a dragon party and making a dragon cake were causing me a bit of anxiety.  But a few weeks before his sixth birthday, he switched and wanted a race car birthday party.  That seemed much less daunting.  He chose eight friends to invite and we painted little wooden cars and raced them down a board in the back yard.  We pinned the wheel on the race car.  And the boys raced through obstacles.  And of course, cake and ice cream.  A great big THANK YOU to Jackie for coming and helping me manage the chaos.  Eva slept through the whole, crazy, loud party!

Seriously.  Look at that cake.  Pretty amazing for a non-cake decorator. 

Evan, Lincoln, Drake, Luke, Davis, Tripp, Conner, Axel, Payson, Noah

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend, 2014

I love Memorial Day Weekend.  I love being with family.  I love seeing extended family.  I love remember my ancestors.  I love make the flower arrangements to put on the graves.  I love the purple irises that go on Grandma Elaine's grave.

Alex, Bennet, Eva

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Noah's New Swimming Pool

These pictures are pretty self-explanatory. :)