Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Christmas in Ferron, 2014: Shootin', Playin', Burnin', and a little Twister

What a great Christmas.  What a GREAT Christmas.  The whole family was together in Ferron and I loved it.

What do you do on Christmas Eve in Ferron?  Why, go shootin' out at the farm, of course!  Davis was apparently a crack shooter (is that even the right saying?).  Noah and James had enough quite quickly and took refuge in the car.



James and Noah

Marian and Noah


Grandpa, Davis, Ben

Natalie, Alex, Grandma

Christmas Eve all the boys slept downstairs on Grandma's extensive collection of twin mattresses.  We heard little voices for a long time after the adults had vacated the basement.  I think Jesse went down to quiet the herd after awhile.

All the siblings and spouses after the kids went to bed.  We had a rousing gift exchange game and Grandpa was the one encouraging a little competition.

Christmas morning was beautiful, fun chaos.  Our boys had been asking for light sabers for months, and luckily Santa got their letter and brought them some.  A great big thanks to Aaron for taking our Christmas morning pictures!

These Superman pajamas that Noah got for Christmas have been worn more than any other pajamas in the history of our little family.

Grandma and Grandpa were given a wii by the Fillmore Ralphs and it kept little and big boys entertained all day Christmas and much of the next few days.  The competition became fierce when Jesse, Aaron, Matt, Nic, and Darren took over the remotes.

And I just couldn't have a blog post without pics of Eva.

Max, chillin' with a gun.

The day after Christmas, it was back out to the farm to pick up wood and have a bonfire.  Grandma brought out zucchini which was eaten in 2.4 seconds.  Everyone loves Grandma's zucchini bread!

Breakfast at Grandma's house was no small affair.

Eva again.  Because she's so cute.

We headed to Fillmore for New Year's Eve (we were still homeless, so we went where the action was).  Jesse took us sledding in town and the boys could have stayed until it was too dark to see and too cold to feel, but me and Grandpa called it quits before that and took everyone with us.  Back at Jesse and Natalie's home we had the greatest cracker dinner and New Year's Eve feast ever.  So much great food.  I could have eaten Natalie's stuffed mushrooms all night.  It was fun to watch the little boys play Twister.  It was even more fun to watch the adults play Twister.  Well, I watched what I could see from in between arms and legs while playing.  It was a great way to end 2014!

Friday, February 20, 2015

A Little Craziness in Dec. 2014

December was a whirlwind.  The epic, Dorothy and Toto kind.  We put our house up for sale in November and 5 days later it sold.  And we didn't have a house to go to.  So we kept looking and looking.  Finally, we found our house.  It went on the market Friday night, we saw it Saturday, and put an offer in on Monday.  There was another offer in and so we offered what they were asking and got the house.  I was worried because the backyard was small and the kitchen was the very first room you walked in to.  But Darren knew it was our house.  We had to be out of our house on Dec. 23, so we packed everything into two storage units, filled our car with the necessities, including Christmas, said good-bye to our Ogden house and became homeless for a few weeks.  Luckily we went to Ferron and were surrounded by family for Christmas (another post about that later).  We moved into our new home in Layton on Jan. 6 and have loved it ever since.  I am grateful Darren kept it together through all this, because I certainly did not.  But here are a few random moments within the craziness.

Noah and Eva, just chillen'

 Driving around to see the Christmas lights.

Davis dressed up as Puss in Boots, the current favorite movie and character to be.  I still find belts and boots and hats around the house from random bouts as Puss.

Eva, cute in pink, as always.

Family movie night (How to Train Your Dragon 2, a great movie!) after most of our stuff had been moved to storage.

Saying good-bye to our Ogden home.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, 2014

We spent Thanksgiving with the Buttars this year.  Dinner was at Peggy's house, as is tradition.  And it was the most delicious Thanksgiving I have ever had!  Shera's fiance (boyfriend at the time), Danny deep fried a turkey (oh my yum!), Peggy's sister-in-law, Debbie, brought wonderful stuffing, Peggy made fantastic sweet potatoes, Shera brought corn with bacon and cream, I brought homemade rolls and Jackie made the most delicious banana cream pie.  It was a great day with family.