Monday, December 29, 2014

We have had a crazy few months.  Crazy, I tell ya'.  So, today, sitting in my parents house in Ferron, I decided to catch up on my blog.  You know, so posterity won't miss anything.  I logged in and my last entry was from the end of October.  And it wasn't even about things from the end of October.  So, I am a bit farther behind than I thought.  And the thought of trying to get caught up is a bit daunting.  Family pictures to post.  Halloween; there are a thousand pictures from Halloween everyone should see because my kids looked awesome.  Thanksgiving.  House hunting.  Packing.  House hunting.  Cleaning.  Finding a house.  Moving things to storage.  Christmas in Ferron.  Waiting to move again.

So, that is my update for now.  Maybe tomorrow I will start catching up.  Maybe not.  But seriously, when you see the Halloween pictures you will be glad I finally got them up.  It just might not be until Easter.

Today (I remember a really good journaler (is that even a word?) once gave a lesson on keeping journals and she said that if you get really behind, just start from the day you are on.) is a dreary day in Ferron.  Our family got walkie talkies in our stockings and the boys are loving the "wild goose chases" Grandpa is sending them on.  He sent Davis to get some random thing, to keep him busy yesterday, and Davis loved it.  So they are doing it again today.  Thank goodness for grandpas!

The boys got light sabers for Christmas and we gave Davis a few Star Wars books.  We read the story of Darth Vader, from young Anakin to his death and things make a lot more sense now.  The boys love Star Wars even though they have never seen any of the movies and they occasionally ask me which are the bad guys and I have no clue.  Now I understand a bit more and perhaps could answer correctly.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Noah Loves to Read!

Noah sits and looks at books by himself several times a day.  And he begs me to read to him more times a day than I care to remember.  He loves his storybook with Mr. Incredible and Lightning McQueen.  And anything with superheros.  And animals.  When I am busy with Eva or something else, he will pass the time looking at books.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Dream Trip to Seattle - With No Kids!

First, I would like to thank my parents for making this post possible.  Because this post is about our trip to Seattle.  And by "our" I mean just Darren and I.  No kids.  And it was heaven.  The kids stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa and they all had a blast.

We flew out on a Saturday and came home on a Tuesday.  Our first day we explored Pike Place Market and Post Alley where we found the gum wall, which is one of the most disgusting places I have every visited.  It is exactly what it sounds like - a wall covered in gum.  Luckily we had dinner before we got there.  We ate at the Crab Pot, right on the water.  They dumped a bowl of seafood and corn on the cob in front of us and we just dug in, with butter dripping down our arms.

The next day was a tasting tour through Pike Place Market, and a ferry ride out to Bainbridge island.  I think the ferry ride and Bainbridge Island was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  We had divine ice cream at Mora's and I could have spent hours in the Eagle Harbor Book Company store there.

Monday was a trip to the EMP Museum, which had displays about Horror Movies, Science Fiction, and Fantasy.  There was also a large section on Music.  And a birthday steak dinner for Darren at Sullivan's Steak House.  The. best. steak. ever.

And on our last day, we took a shuttle tour of the surrounding areas, including Snowqualmie Falls, the Freemont Troll, and Kerry Park.  And on the plane we got a great view of Mt. Rainier.  

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Playing in the Rain

There is something magical about rain when you are a child.  Umbrellas and puddles and splashing and jumping.  When it rained a few weeks ago - not a downpour, but the perfect drizzle for playing - the boys begged to go out and play.  So we sent them out equipped with and umbrella and their imaginations.  And I stood on the porch equipped with my camera.  And magic happened.  They laughed and splashed and played together.  And I tried to capture it, but those boys sure do move fast.  Even faster when they know you are trying to take their picture.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

4-Wheeling with Bumpa

Darren loves 4-wheeling.  His dad loves 4-wheeling.  And so they pass on the tradition to the next generation.  Steve, Darren, Davis and Noah went 4-wheeling in the middle of September and had a great time.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Rodeo and Firewords, July 24th!

We took the boys to the Ogden Rodeo for the first time this year.  Davis loved it.  Noah tolerated it.  Their favorite part was the stunt motorcycles at the end.

A few days later, Darren put on his annual fireworks show in the road in front of our house.  We love the big fireworks that are legal now.  We invited our neighbors, the Rappleyes.  Axel is one of Davis's best friends.  And up and down the road families were doing their own fireworks, so it was fun to see everyone else's, too.  I love sense of community we have here in South Ogden, especially during the celebrations for the 24th of July.