Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Finally, Time for the Pool

Davis and Noah had been asking to get the pool out since January.  Seriously.  Eventually, in April, it warmed up enough that I thought they might not die of hypothermia, so out came the pool, on went the swimming suits, and friends came over.  Davis had his friend Trevin over and Noah went to play with Trevin's little sister, Kaylee (they all get along better when big and little kids are separated).  And I was so excited to put Eva in her new swimming suit.  I had hunted all over to find one her cute, big belly would fit into.  And man, she looked as cute as could be!

A week or two later, the pool was out again, this time with Max and Bennett and Davis and Noah and Christian and Jacob (brothers).

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Anonymous said...

What a great pool! I want a turn in it!