Thursday, July 23, 2015

Spring At our New House

We have large flower beds in the front of our new house.  As spring came this year, new flowers and green leaves started coming up out of the dirt.  Because we bought the house in the winter, I had no idea was to expect, and as more came up, I had no idea what was the start of a flower and what were weeds.  The first to come up, in February,  were some cute little purple flowers.  Then lots of yellow daffodils, then lots of yellow and pink tulips.  After that I had to just wait and see what bloomed and what didn't.  Now, in mid July, I have watched where nothing was to now where there are great blooming bushes of purple flowers, healthy daisies, lilies, and many other flowers I don't know.  I finally figured out what to pull and what to leave.  And I love my flower beds.  They are a lot of work, but I love being outside, surrounded by such beautiful color!

When spring came, I put out my yellow flower wreath, near the front door.  We watched as a sweet mama bird and her mate made a nest in the wreath and laid baby blue eggs.  After a few weeks, the eggs hatched and we got to watch them grow up.  The parent birds became part of the family and we would watch them out the window as we ate our meals  One day, the baby birds flew away and the mama and daddy birds came back to the nest over and over for a day or two, looking for their babies.  It was a neat experience to see the whole cycle, but I felt sad for the parents who didn't know they had raised the babies well enough that they flew away to live their own lives.  I suppose that is what we are all trying to do, and it will be sad when my babies grow up.  One day they will be grown and gone and I will walk through their rooms wondering where the time went.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, that is what parenting is all about - watching your children you love so very much become responsible adults and fly away to live their own lives. But you never stop loving them.