Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Break, Part 1

Well, a week with the kids home all day can seem daunting.  So I planned as many fun things as I could and we had a blast and I was sorry to see the week end.  We started out on Monday (March 30) with a trip down to Temple Square.  We took a tour of the Conference Center, which the kids didn't find terribly interesting, but Darren and I did.  General Conference was  the following Sunday and we wanted them to see where it would be.

Then we walked through the flowers and by the reflecting pool and the temple.  Dinner at The Blue Lemon, which I learned is better suited for a girls lunch out, not so much for kids.  The kids meals were overpriced and neither of the boys liked theirs.

A quick water show at the fountains at City Creek and home with tired kids.  Darren took the afternoon off and came with us and it was a fun family outing!


Anonymous said...

So fun!


Anonymous said...

We all love Eva!