Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Spring Break, Part 2

Tuesday of Spring Break week brought mini golfing.  Darren worked from home and stayed with Eva and the boys and I went to Swan Lakes for a round of mini golfing.  We kept score, although after counting 12 stroked for Noah on the first hole, and he still hadn't gotten the ball in, I decided he wouldn't be on the score card.  In the end, Davis beat me by several strokes.

One day we took a tour of Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate Factory.  Natalie and her boys, Payson and Tytan, went with us.  It turned out they were making anything that day, so the tour was a little . . . boring.  But we got some free samples and the ice cream cones at the end were delicious!  

Homemade cinnamon rolls for snack one day, a movie day in pajamas another day.

And the culminating event - Living Planet Aquarium on Friday.  Unfortunately, we were several in a million who decided to go the same day.  We still had a great time and the boys didn't even seem to notice the people they had to elbow out of the way to get to the front to see the displays.  There was an Amazon or South American area and Darren and Davis waiting a bit in line to walk across the rope bridge.  Davis was very brave, but I could tell by the way his eyes were glued to his feet that it was a little more difficult than he expected.  I think the favorite was the shark tank you could walk through.  They probably could have stayed there for several hours.  We also watched a 4-D short movie, the kind that squirts you with mist and air.  Eva hated it and I ended up standing in the back corner with her.  Davis LOVED it and Noah did not.  

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