Monday, May 4, 2015

All About Eva

Eva is a sweetheart.  But she sure is developing a little sassy attitude!  When I try to change her clothes on the floor, she rolls away and crawls toward the door as fast as she can, laughing her cute little head off.  Then I catch her and she laughs even harder.  It is a really fun game, until we are in a hurry to get somewhere.

Eva loves all fruit.  She hates most vegetables, although peas and green beans are the exception.  She likes bread and string cheese and lunch meat and spaghetti (although she doesn't seem to be a fan of plain noodles).  She has a sweet tooth just like her mama and loves jelly beans (pulled in half and and squished so she doesn't choke) and ice cream and cookies.

Eva goes to bed about 7 pm and gets up about 7 am.  She takes two naps a day, and when we have pushed her past her naptime, she gets pretty whiny.  Lately, she has been resisting going to bed at night because she wants to stay up late and play with her parents.

Eva finally started crawling about two weeks after her first birthday.  She is now pulling herself up on things a little and she will walk while someone holds her hands.  But she doesn't love it.  She can now crawl VERY fast and get anywhere she wants.  She is the only one of my children who loves opening and emptying cupboards.  She found the snack cupboard and took the clip off a bag of goldfish crackers and emptied them on the floor.  And then got pretty mad at me for cleaning it all up.

Eva loves her brothers.  In the morning she gets really excited to see them.  They are so good to her, making her laugh and bringing her toys and singing to her when she is sad.  We love having Eva in our family!

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