Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dreams and more Dreams

Davis is a dreamer.  A night time dreamer.  Sometimes they are scary, sometimes crazy, sometimes downright funny.  Here are two of the latest conversations we had about his dreams.

I was talking about going in to the church at night, when it was dark, to practice the organ.
Davis:  I had a dream like that.  With buffaloes chasing me.
Darren:  In the church?
Davis:  Yeah.
Darren:  Did you get away?
Davis:  In the chapel, I hid behind the chairs.  (There was some more to the story about getting away from the buffaloes, but I was trying to get this written down and was laughing in my head at the same time and missed the rest of the story.  Something about running . . .)

Another day, we had all just gotten up and Davis said he had had a bad dream, so I asked him about it.
Davis:  My dream was about . . . (pause to remember what exactly he was going to tell me)
Noah:  A lava dog?  That would be awesome!
I have such weird boys.  But what's really funny, is that Davis's dream really was about lava.  He and Darren were by a volcano and lava was getting on them.

Sometimes Noah tries to tell me about his dreams, but he gets sidetracked after the first few sentences and walks away.

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Anonymous said...

They're not "weird". They are unique and special and oh, so loved!