Friday, January 30, 2015

Noah and Pup and Davis and Scissors, Sept. 2014

How could I not post these?  Noah and his blanket, Pup, are inseperable.  GG gave it to him when he was born, and he became officially attached to it when he turned one.  He has worn the face off with all the tender, loving he give his blanket.  He carries it around and then drops it and a few hours later freaks out because he can't remember where he dropped it.  We take it to church and he sits quietly on Darren's lap with Pup, sucking on his fingers.  Pup is a miracle worker and taking away pain and fixing all things wrong in Noah's life.

This is one of the few times Noah has sat at the table and concentrated on an art project.

Another story that must be told - the day Davis cut his own hair.  I wish I had written it down when it happened, because now the details are a bit fuzzy.  I had been gone in the afternoon, probably a Saturday.  Later that night, after the kids had gone to bed, I found a small tuft of blond hair on the floor in the dining room.  Odd, since there were no haircuts that day that I knew of.  The next morning I asked Davis about it, seeing as he is the only blond in our family, besides Eva who was ruled out as a suspect due to her inability to hold scissors.  At first Davis tried to deny knowing anything about it.  But after showing him the very blond evidence that was a perfect match for his own hair, he spilled the story.  Apparently something had happened to Noah that made Noah cry, I can't remember if Davis had done something or what, but Noah was very sad.  So, Davis took the scissors and cut a piece of his hair from the front of his head to make Noah stop crying.  Davis said it worked and Noah stopped crying and laughed.  I didn't have the heart to punish Davis for improper use of scissors because he had done such a tender-hearted thing for his brother.  

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Anonymous said...

I love these stories! And I've missed your posts the last few months. I hope they keep coming!