Thursday, July 17, 2014

All About Davis

Davis has been letting his soft heart peak out a little more often lately.  This morning he wanted to make his dad a special breakfast to say thanks because Darren got Davis bread and water last night at bedtime.  So Davis made "Davis eggs" all by himself and I made the pancakes.  Davis always shares candy with Noah when he comes home from birthday parties.  And he loves to talk to Eva and sit by her and hold her.

Davis does not love to read yet.  Too many words he doesn't know - he says.  But he loves to sit and be read to.  I found some superhero books at Costco and he and Noah will sit and listen to those as long as I will read to them.  Davis also likes to play board games.  He likes to be artistic - he will get out colored paper and crayons and tape and scissors and create really cool things.  Right now there are pictures of the earth and the moon and several rockets taped to our living room walls.

Davis has really gotten into sports.  He has loved playing soccer and this spring he played baseball for the first time and did really well.  He was a great hitter and thrower.  Darren just bought Davis his first set of  "real" golf clubs and Davis is, and always has been, quite a golfer.

Davis loves to cook.  He can make scrambled eggs by himself.  One of his favorite things to do is have me get out real ingredients and he combines them and stirs them and then we cook the finished product and see what it tastes like.  Usually it is edible.  Sometimes even good. :)

Davis's favorite colors right now are orange and red and black.  His favorite food is corn dogs and macaroni and cheese.  He loves to watch Despicable Me 2 and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.  He goes to bed great, around 8 pm, and sleeps till 7 or 8 am.  He loves watermelon and trail mix suckers.

Davis took swimming lessons again this summer and did great.  He loves to jump off the edge and is totally fine with going completely under.  He also likes to dive for sinker toys.

He is very dramatic - little things that go wrong can mean big fits - and he wants things his way - again, a big fit if not.  But he is also a quick learner and a good sport (most of the time) when playing games.  He pays attentions in Primary and always wants to participate.  He is very friendly and says "hello" to kids he knows.  He has started making new friends when we go places and tells me about them on our way home.  He can be very sweet and kind to his brother and sister and I love him very much!


Lora said...

Despite making eggs a few times a week, mine still turn out crappy. . I'm really impressed he can already make them!

Anonymous said...

I love this boy! He's smart, talented, adventurous, and attentive. I'm so glad he's in our family!