Friday, July 18, 2014

All About Noah!

Noah has a big heart.  He loves to cuddle and give hugs.  When one of Davis's friends does somethings not so nice to Davis, Noah comes at them yelling, "Don't do that to my brother!"  He talks to Eva when she starts crying to try to make her happy.  And he gives me great big hugs all the time.

Noah likes to play with his toys.  He REALLY likes to play with toys.  He is very imaginative and is often off in his own world with whatever toys  are handy.  But he REALLY hates to put his toys away.  It is always a battle at clean-up time.

Noah loves his new swimming pool.  He will sit in it and play for hours.  He also loves to go to the big aquatic center in Roy.  With is floaty on, he will jump off the edge over and over.

Noah loves to be read to.  The superhero books are his favorite, but he will sit for just about any story.  He also loves to watch any TV show or movie that Davis wants.  Noah and Davis will quote parts from movies and then laugh at how funny they think they are.

Noah is going through a very picky stage.  He doesn't like most veggies, most meat, potatoes, rice, eggs.  He loves cantaloupe and grapes and blueberries and apricots and peaches.  He would eat loads and loads of fruit every day if I let him.  He can also eat more than his fair share of pizza.

Noah doesn't really care for learning his ABC's or numbers.  He doesn't like most educational activities unless he can turn them into imaginative play.  Yesterday I sat down to play Candyland with him and after a few turns he started playing "stay away from the licorice pirates!" with his playing piece.  So I went along with it and decided he will learn later and we will play now.  :)

Noah is so sweet and so expressive.  I love having him in our family.

Noah was scared of our neighbor's dog at first, but after while they were best friends.:)

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Anonymous said...

I love Noah too! And I love having him as my grandson!