Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Davis!

For almost a year Davis wanted a dragon party.  And I was a little worried.  I am not very creative and so decorating for a dragon party and making a dragon cake were causing me a bit of anxiety.  But a few weeks before his sixth birthday, he switched and wanted a race car birthday party.  That seemed much less daunting.  He chose eight friends to invite and we painted little wooden cars and raced them down a board in the back yard.  We pinned the wheel on the race car.  And the boys raced through obstacles.  And of course, cake and ice cream.  A great big THANK YOU to Jackie for coming and helping me manage the chaos.  Eva slept through the whole, crazy, loud party!

Seriously.  Look at that cake.  Pretty amazing for a non-cake decorator. 

Evan, Lincoln, Drake, Luke, Davis, Tripp, Conner, Axel, Payson, Noah

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Anonymous said...

What a fun party! You did great!