Sunday, April 13, 2014

Where Did The Time Go?

Time is a sneaky thing.  Some days, it seems to take forever for one hour to pass by, and then all of a sudden the day is over.  Some weeks, every day feels like an eternity, and then, in a blink of an eye, the week is over.  It feels like we have had Eva forever.  And it feels like she just got here.  Don't ask me.  I don't understand.

So, tomorrow she will be seven weeks old.  At least I think so.  I think last week she was six weeks old, but again, that sneaky time thing could have taken hold of my brain.  But, really, seven weeks old.  I haven't posted a single picture since we left the hospital.  How unlike me!  And I don't think I will today, either.  I might change my mind before I finish typing this, though.  Because Eva is really, really, really, cute.  But I just wanted to record some things before I forgot.

Let's start with Noah.
Man, he is funny.  He is in that "talk all the time and sometimes its really funny and sometimes you just want him to stop talking" stage.  But one of the funnier comments came at breakfast a week or so ago.  We had the curtains by the table closed while we ate because it was so sunny outside, and I opened them before Noah was done.

He covered his eyes and said, "Ow!  The sun bonked my eyes!"  That was a hard one not to laugh and laugh and laugh at.  But lately he really doesn't like to be laughed at and yells, "That's not funny," so I did my best to refrain.

Yesterday at Nana's house for our family Easter party, Nana said to Noah, "Noah, come here."  To which Noah replied, "Just give me 30 seconds."  Who is this kid?

I hope Noah can overcome his sleep issues before he hits puberty and really needs the sleep.  Because he still sleeps like a baby.  Not the good kind.  The kind that wakes up all night.  He quit napping (again) the day Eva was born.  And he often wakes up more than Eva at night.  A few nights ago Darren went in to check on him because his cry was a little panicked.  Darren came back a few minutes later after Noah had quieted down.  I asked what the problem was.  Apparently Noah had a booger on his finger.  Excellent reason to get your sleep-deprived parents out of bed in the middle of then night.

On to Davis.
He doesn't love school.  He loves recess.  He loves the song, "Let It Go" from the movie "Frozen" (so does Noah - we often have dance parties in the kitchen and listen to that song, but Davis informed me I am not allowed to sing out loud because then he can't hear Elsa's voice in the song.).  He loves corn dogs, macaroni and cheese, and chicken sandwiches.  Although I think that watermelon and cantelope are his standing favorite fruits.  He is really excited to go into 1st grade next year because they get three recesses!

He punched a friend at recess last week because the boy was being too bossy.  The teacher talked to them and Davis was very honest about what happened.  He felt like it was fair turn around.  He still got a lecture on the way home and I said "hit" instead of "punch" and then he threw a fit because he did not "hit" the boy.  He punched him.  Big difference - one with an open hand, the other with a fist.  Davis was going to be honest, but he wasn't going to cop to hitting anyone.

And Eva.
My beautiful girl.  Having a newborn baby is hard.  She was so sweet for the first few weeks.  Nursing turned out to be too painful (that girl can suck!) so she got pumped breastmilk for awhile, then just formula.  She ate every four hours.  Slept most of the rest of the time.  Then about four or five weeks after she was born, she started crying.  For no reason.  She wouldn't sleep during the day.  Which turned out to be nice at night because she only got up once, maybe twice during the night to eat because she was so exhausted.  Around that same time she started occasionally sleeping from 8 pm till 4 or 5 am!  We finally decided that she had silent reflux (she has only spit up two or three times ever).   We switched formula and now she does much better.  She has started taking better naps during the day and still sleeps well at night.

She first smiled the day before she turned 1 month old.  But today she really took it to the next level.  It was our first time, as a family of 5, that all of us went to church.  And during the Sacrament, I was whispering to her and she kept smiling a great big smile - crinkled eyes, mouth wide open, lopsided smile-  and almost laughing!  I told Darren to get his phone out at take a quick picture (he didn't think it was very appropriate, but you should have seen how cute she looked!) but by the time he got it out of this pocket and ready, she had stopped.

So there is a little bit of what has been happening at our house in the time that seems to have slipped away.  I think the next post will have some pictures in it.  Maybe just pictures and no words.  Lots of pictures. :)

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