Sunday, March 9, 2014

Welcoming Eva Elaine Buttars!

Well, lets just get started.  I was soooo done being pregnant.  It seemed to go on forever and my body protested every day.  And I felt HUGE.  So we opted to have the delivery induced a few days early.  So, early on Monday morning, Feb. 24, we headed to the hospital leaving Grandma and Grandpa with the boys.  All went well, only 4 1/2 hours labor before our beautiful daughter was born.  And I was so surprised to see she had blond hair!  I always pictured her in my head having lots of dark hair,  the spittin' image of her mama.  But she sure did not look like me.  Alot like Davis.  A bit like Noah.

After a little cuddling and cleaning, Darren followed Eva to the nursery to be cleaned more and checked over.  And then I apparently started bleeding and didn't stop.  My wonderful nurse, Sabrina, was very calm and at first I didn't think much of it.  Until I couldn't really think well at all and I started to feel nauseous.  And I kept bleeding.  Dr. Wood came back in as soon as she could and fixed the problem by finding a little left over placenta.  But the consequences were a loss of almost half my blood and it will apparently take me about two months to fully build up the supply again.

I was so ready to come home after two pleasant days in the hospital.  But I had to have someone with me constantly for a week or two and I found my limitations from the blood loss and weakness were more than expected.  And nursing didn't go so well.  I kept bursting into tears for no apparent reason.  And sometimes because it hurt so bad.  And sometimes because I was so tired.  And sometimes because I couldn't get up and shower without wearing myself out.  But after two weeks, we have sorted things out and are adjusting well.  Not so much crying.  And checking all labels to find extra sources of iron.

Davis and Noah love their new little sister.  Every time Eva makes a little noise, Noah says, "Oh!  I better check on Eva!"  And runs to make sure everything is ok.  Davis begs to hold her as much as he can.  And they have both been better than expected having to share a big chunk of the time with a new baby.


Heather said...

Oh she is so darling. Glad you are ok. Can't wait to meet her! I love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

WE love little Eva!


Kaija Purvis said...

So glad you are ok. Scary! Eva is a cute name! What a beautiful baby! Congrats you guys!