Monday, January 14, 2013

The Famous Cracker Dinner - A New Year's Eve Tradition

Here is the story my mom will tell whenever you ask about our New Year's Eve tradition:

One New Year's Eve, when the kids were all small, Dad came home and asked what we were having for dinner.  And Mom had had enough and told Dad to take care of it.  So he went to the store and came back with crackers and cheese and pepperoni and seafood salad and other New Year's Eve food.  The cheese and pepperoni went on the crackers to be melted under the broiler.  The seafood salad was set in front of Mom's plate.  The sweet breads were fried.  And the cherry grenadine was added to Sprite.  And a tradition was born.

We have done this ever since.  Even as teenagers, we would stay home for the cracker dinner and then go out with friends.  And then we started getting married and having kids and whoever was close enough to Paradise would trek "home" for the cracker dinner.  But then Mom and Dad moved to Ferron and the travel time threatened the tradition (although we were all there last year for New Year's Eve).  So this year, we hosted the famous New Year's Eve cracker dinner in Ogden, a more central location for the kids (Mom and Dad were willing to make the trek this time!) and we invited Darren's family to join us for the fun.  And it was FUN!  We had so much food, including crackers, cheese and salami (I go that one wrong!) melted under the broiler.  We missed the sweet breads this year, due to Dad being too sick to join us, and the new spouses that have married in who don't appreciate them so much.  Everyone brought something that was delicious.  We played pictionary and what we like to call the "Names in a Bowl" game.  At 8:15 pm we rang in the New Year with a youtube video of the New Year in China earlier that day (which wouldn't play past the first two seconds when we wanted it to!) and eggnog and treats.  Then the kids went to bed and the adults played a little longer and most were in bed before 11 pm!  Happy New Year's!

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Diana Ralphs said...

We had such a good time! I love this tradition!