Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Morning

This was the first Christmas morning one of us was in the living room before the boys to get a video of their reactions.  We were in Ferron, and slept downstairs, so Darren went up first to be ready and I came up with the boys.  And this is the response we got from Davis upon entering the living room upstairs - he came to a stop, and said in a normal voice, "What?"  Then he proceeded to check out his new dragon without another word.  Not quite the reaction we were hoping for.  But it was fun to be with everyone and he really did love his dragon.  And he loved Noah's new race track.  And Noah loved Davis's new dragon.  And Noah loved the Elmo shirt Davis gave him.  A lot.  He opened it and started saying "Melmo!"  Over and over again.  What about the telescope Davis had been saying he wanted Santa to bring him for months?  Well, Santa did bring it for Davis and Davis has looked through it exactly once, on Christmas day, to see the mountains outside.  It now sits on top of the bookshelf waiting for  . . . warmer weather, maybe.

There were lots of other people in the room opening presents with us - everyone but Jesse's family.  But they did not make it into any of our pictures!

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Diana Ralphs said...

We LOVED having you with us for Christmas!