Friday, May 18, 2012

Breakfast in Bed

I have always liked Mother's Day.  It is one of two days in the year (the other one being my birthday) when I don't feel guilty for doing nothing and letting Darren cook and take care of the kids.  Plus, we get a chocolate truffle bar in church.  I mean, what better to say "Thank you for sacrificing everything, even your soul and sanity, to raise God's sweet children," than a bar of chocolate?

This morning will reign in Mother's Day memories as one of my favorites because I realized how lucky I am to have such wonderful boys (well, one of them is technically a man) in my life.

Darren got up with Davis, who decided the day should start at 7:15 am, and let me sleep in a bit.  A little while later, I heard Davis coming down the hall.  He peeked in, I smiled at him, and he ran back downstairs.  A few minutes later, Darren and Davis came in the room carrying a pancake breakfast on a tray.  Breakfast in bed!  I loved it.  Darren had helped Davis make a cute card while I was gone Thursday night and they had put it under the plate this morning.  Davis had asked me on Friday if it was Mother's Day yet.  He also asked on Saturday.  I didn't think much of it, but it turns out he was pretty excited to give me the card he had made.  Darren brought Noah up (he had also joined the pancake-making fun) and we had a great few minutes while I ate.  Then Davis decided I should share with him and Noah decided just to take what he wanted.  So Darren took Noah downstairs to feed him breakfast and Davis and I finished off the delicious pancakes upstairs in bed.

I still got the chocolate truffle bar in church today, but the best gift today was my breakfast surprise because it showed me the love of my wonderful boys!  (Not to mentioned the fact that they thought about it before Sunday morning!  One of the ways to my heart - forethought!)

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