Monday, April 16, 2012

Dear Father Time

Dear Father Time,
I would like more time in my day.  Wait, let me amend my request.  I would like more child-free time in my day.  I have plenty of the other kind of time.  In fact, if you want to make a trade, I would be open to that.

The majority of self-disciplined, go-get-'em mothers get up before their children.  This gives them time to get ready for the day and do other useful activities which are much more successful without children.  But, the problem is, I am not a morning person.  Nor am I very self-disciplined.  So, that option hasn't worked very well for me.  So, my request is simple.  I would like to stop time just before my kids wake up, giving me that choice hour in the morning that is so elusive.

I am sure you are wondering what I would do with my precious hour each day.  Of course, getting dressed would be on the top of the list.  Carefully finding clothes that look good and spending time to make my hair look the way it looks when I leave the salon should be on the list.  But let's be honest.  They are not.  I would much rather do other things.  And I doubt that my three-year-old or my one-year-old really care what I wear.  (Well, Noah does.  He gets super excited when I wear necklaces.)

So, to continue. . . read my scriptures and get a little exercise.  Plan the meals for the week.  Plan the lunches for the week (gasp!  What a novel idea!).  Plan the breakfasts for the week. (Cereal.  Done.  Cross that off the list.)

Work on getting caught up on the family scrapbook.  And the boys' scrapbooks.  Read a novel.  Read the three cookbooks I just got from the library (Don't laugh.  It's my thing.)  Make some new towel bibs for Noah.  Make a little quiet book for Noah.  Edit my latest photographs.   Write posts for my blog.

So, you see, I would use my time very wisely.  I hope you remember this when considering my request.


P.S.  After re-reading this longish post about all the wonderful things I would do with that extra hour I must be honest.  Chances are pretty good I would just sleep.  But I would REALLY enjoy my extra sleep!

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Alison said...

Ha ha ha... this is such a fabulous post. I ditto all of it.

BTW- I rarely get a novel from the library, I only get cookbooks. I find them more interesting to read than most novels. I love that you get them too!

Do you have a pattern for the towel bibs? I got two of them when Abby (who is now 11!) was born and have used them with all my kids. They are a bit worn though so I should really make a couple more. Problem is I have no idea how to make them. Would you be willing to share how?