Friday, March 16, 2012

Update: March 2012

Funny things Davis has said recently:
While finishing lunch one day, Noah was playing under the table, a little fussy.  Davis got up from his chair and started clearing off the piano bench.  I asked, "What are you going to do?"  Davis answered, "Play music to make Noah happy."  Instead of telling him to sit back down and finish eating, I let him play music for Noah.  And Noah loved it.

One morning Davis was watching a movie and I was working in the kitchen.  I heard him say loudly, "That looks beautiful with the sun shining in."  I poked my head around the corner and asked if he was talking about the movie.  He said no, and pointed to our east facing window, where it did indeed look beautiful with the sun shining in.

While watching "Puss in Boots" for the second or third time we had this conversation:
Davis:  "There is a monster guarding the golden goose."
Me: "Yep."
Davis: "Say "What does guard mean?"" (Davis is in a phase where he likes to tell us what to say or ask so he can give the answer.)
Me:  "What does guard mean?"
Davis:  "Guard means to plant a garden."
I didn't have the heart (or the patience) to correct him.

Noah's newly acquired skills:
He still doesn't crawl, but he is an expert roller and can get anywhere he wants . . . very quickly.  If the toy he wants is just out of reach, he will lay down, roll once, and push himself back up to sitting - right next to the toy.

He has found his tongue.  Davis and I can spend a very long time sticking our tongues out at Noah and laughing when he sticks his out at us.  He has a little pointed tongue that always comes out slightly off center.  We crack each other up!

Darren's new job:
Darren has a new job as a technical support engineer for VLCM, a computer company in Salt Lake.  He has really enjoyed it so far.  He likes the daily variation, learning about new computer components and meeting new people.  Working for such a great computer company has its perks . . . one of which is being offered 2nd row tickets to a Jazz game in April.  Woowoo!

There is a lot of driving, but much of it is just part of the job.   He has a 40 minute commute to the office, but many days he is able to drive directly to the customer site and get paid for the miles.  We were worried he would not get home till late most days, but that has not been the case and he is home for dinner every night.

Marian's latest obsessions:
Reading.  I have started walking/running on the treadmill a few times a week and I really enjoy the quiet time to read.  Also, with our newish goal to turn all electronic devices ("screens") off at 9:30, it leaves a little time for reading in the evening.

Africa.  This is the topic of Davis's School Time right now.  We made a map that showed the three main habitats using crayons, grass, and sand: rain forest, grasslands or savanna, and desert.  We watched a few videos on youtube about the animals that live in the different areas.  Did you know elephants live in all three?

Ice Cream.  Yeah.  Not new.  Just back in full force.  Last night I paused the show we were watching (Modern Family, also a favorite) and asked Darren if he knew what time it is.  "Ice cream o' thirty," he answered.  He knows me so well.

That's it for now.  I am sure I forgot many important things, and I will remember them the minute I post this.

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Your blog is so delightful!! I LOVE to read about you and yours!