Monday, April 23, 2012

Sweet Tender Moments

Last night I sat rocking my sweet baby boy.  I brushed the hair off his forehead and stroked his sweet baby cheek.  He cuddled up in my arms, sucking his fingers and relaxing into sleep.  It was late and Darren and I were headed to bed. I had woken Noah up to change his dirty diaper that I could smell and then I took the chance to relish this tender moment.  Noah turned one this week and is growing so big.  Even curled up on my lap, he seemed too big.  My most favorite thing in the world is holding a sleeping baby, so relaxed and innocent.

Now, those of you who like to remember these sweet moments of motherhood with rose-colored glasses should stop reading now.  It was wonderful and sweet and tender.  

Those of you who remember the reality of motherhood will appreciate what happened next.  I set Noah down in bed, almost asleep.  I adjusted Davis, who was sound asleep and hanging half -way off his bed, and headed to bed myself.  Three seconds later, Davis came into our room and stated that he was hungry.  I got him a drink and put him back in bed.  And he started crying and throwing quite a fit.  So Noah started crying.  So Darren and I got back up.  Darren took Davis, while I rocked Noah.  This time it wasn't quite as sweet and tender.  We got Davis back in bed and I put Noah back in bed.  And Darren and I went back to bed.  And Davis cried and Noah cried.  So, Davis came in and got in our bed and Noah stayed in his bed and fell asleep.  Davis climbed in on my side and told me to turn the other way and scoot over.  So I was on the big bump in the middle of the mattress with no pillow.  Finally, after midnight, we were all asleep.  For awhile.  Until three, when Noah woke up again.  Darren rocked him to sleep and put Davis (still sound asleep) back in his bed.  And we were all asleep again.  Until 6:30 am when Noah decided it was time to start the day.  Ahhhhh, the sweet tender moments of motherhood.  Always tempered by reality.

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Anonymous said...

No one said mothering is easy. It's hard and it's wonderful and it's frustrating and it's tender, and it's sad and it's happy. No other experience will involve such a wide range of emotions and experiences. Hold on for the ride!