Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ode to Kimberly

I don't think Kim reads this very often, so maybe she won't mind being the subject of a post.

A little background first.  Davis has developed a bit of separation anxiety.  Maybe that is a small under-exaggeration.  He screams bloody murder while thrashing around, clinging to me in terror whenever I try to leave him with a babysitter.  Including his favorite babysitter in the neighborhood, his grandparents, his GG, and at his friend's house.  It makes leaving for a date a little stressful.

Here is where the angels start to sing.  Yesterday, Kimberly, my sister, came up to stay with the boys for a few hours while I did some Christmas shopping.  I braced for the storm as I told him he would be playing with Kim for a little while in the afternoon.  He shed a few tears and then went on about his business.  Kim arrived a few hours later for lunch and he was so excited to see her.  Then, as I was putting on my coat, he stopped his construction of a fort (which he called a "sport") with Kim, and said he didn't want me to go.

"But you will have so much fun with Kim,"  I said, hoping to avert disaster.
"Yeah.  We are going to play in the fort and then go throw frisbees . . ."  His voice trailed off as he ran to get more cars to put in the fort.  Maybe it hadn't fully sunk in that I was leaving.

As I gathered my coupons and my list and my purse and walked out the door, I said,
"Bye Kim.  Bye Davis."
And without a backward glance, he said, "Bye Mom."  And continued playing.  No crying.  No wailing.  No gnashing of teeth.

I'm pretty sure it was a Christmas miracle.

P.S.  I asked him if it would be ok if Kim came to play again tonight while Mommy and Daddy went on a date (Darren's work party) and he said, "Yeah, sure."  Am I the only one hearing the chorus of heavenly hosts?  He loves his Aunt Kim.  And so do I!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Kimberly is amazing with children. All of her nephews love her!