Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Davis says the funniest things . . .

Davis is a talking machine.  Sometimes it is cute.  Sometimes it is annoying.  Sometimes it is downright hilarious.  Here are a few of the funny things from last week:

While making breakfast one morning:   "I am so hungry I can't think."

While Kim was here babysitting and getting Davis ready for bed:
Kim:  I've got to undo your button (on his shirt) or else your head will come off.
Davis:  My head won't come off because Mommy glued it on so the monsters can't get it off.
(Note:  I don't remember saying any such thing, so I do kind of wonder where this one came from.  But I am glad the monsters can't get his head off.)

While in the car on the way home from church:
Davis started talking about growing big and the things he would do.  After a few minutes, I realized how funny his insights into what grown ups do were, so I asked him again what he was going to do when he grew big so I could remember his answer.  Here it is:
"When I grow up I will be able to touch the ceiling.  And I will be a daddy.  And I like meetings.  I will go to Mommy and Daddy important meetings."
A few days later, when GG asked what he would do when he grew up, Davis answered:
"Go on dates."

While we were playing a game where we took turns saying a word and other person had to find the letter it started with, Davis gave me the "word" W.  I told him it was a letter, not a word. His answer:
"D-D-D-Doubleyou.  It starts with a D."  What do you say to that logic?


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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're writing these things down so you can remember them. They will be heartfelt treasures as Davis gets older and stops saying such cute things. Keep recording them!