Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Sweet Baby . . . Davis?

Yes, that's right.  My sweet three year old has decided to be Baby Davis on a daily basis.  He will lay on the floor and fake cry because he doesn't know how to get up.  Or walk.  Sometimes he makes baby noises and just points at what he wants because he doesn't know how to talk.

Today at lunch, he was crying because he was a baby and didn't know how to eat his sandwich.  And his arms were too little to use a cup.  So I fed him his sandwich, which, by the way, also turned into a cactus so he couldn't touch it because it was too sharp.  It apparently turned back into a regular sandwich when I picked it up so he could take a bite.

I think, maybe, the adjustment to having a new little brother is hitting him a little later that normal.  I'm not sure whether to indulge in this Baby Davis stage or ignore his antics until he turns back into Big Boy Davis.  Either way, both my baby boys are the cutest and smartest boys in the whole world!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, they are the cutest and smartest! Just love them. This, too, shall pass....and it will someday be a treasured memory.