Friday, March 18, 2011

Take a Look at My Man

Yep. That's right. That's my sweet husband vacuuming. Without being asked. I know. I'm lucky. And the little guy is Davis, who loves to "help" vacuum with his pop-pop toy. Or his little plastic golf bag. Too bad neither one actually vacuums. That would be the best invention ever. Our floors would be so clean.

I declared this week a week of spring cleaning. I made a huge list of little cleaning chores around the house. I find that crossing an item off a list brings me great satisfaction, so I broke down all the rooms into little chores so that I could clean just a little bit and still get to cross something off the list. I asked Darren if he would be willing to have a few things on his own list and he was ok with that. And he has worked on them without being asked again. Our goal is to be done by Saturday. Last night he offered to vacuum the living room and dining room. And it's not even on his list!

My list is going a little slower. I decided to mop floors on Monday and by noon my back and legs hurt so bad I couldn't walk. Not much better on Tuesday. So I ignored the cleaning list for a few days, but we are now back on track . . . and maybe a few things will get crossed off the list without getting done (do the kitchen cupboards really need to be wiped out?).

On another random note . . . Last night we had broccoli, which Davis loves. Darren and I were talking about something and I noticed Davis was talking to himself. He was holding a piece of broccoli in front of his mouth and I tuned in just in time to hear him say, "You can bite my head off," and then . . enthusiastically bite the "head" off the broccoli. I don't know where he got that from, but it was pretty cute!


Anonymous said...

I love husbands who help clean! And without being asked!!!? That's even more impressive!

The incident with the broccoli is so cute! Motherhood has it's hard, frustrating times, but it's times like that that I love being a mother!


Lora said...

Way to go D!