Thursday, March 24, 2011

I am Hypnotized by the Rain

I am sitting on our couch watching the rain, while "working" (I am doing nothing that even resembles working, but it seems to a good verb to use) on the computer. Davis is still sleeping (it is past 9 am! I am sure this will come back to bite me when he skips his nap today) and so I am enjoying a very peaceful, quiet morning....

I would like to add a bit of irony at this time - Davis just woke up . . . the instant I finished the sentence about him being asleep. So this post will be shorter than it might have been.

My point was going to be that I keep finding myself just staring at the rain. No deep thinking. Random thoughts running through my mind. I think we will build a fort today and maybe watch a movie and pop some popcorn. And wear pj's all day. And hope for sunshine and warm weather to come back and stay for long enough to go the zoo.

Now Davis is yelling at me to "Top" (he drops the "s" at the first of words, so to translate . . "Stop!"), so I guess my quiet, peaceful morning has come to an end. And I am done "working" on the computer and will begin "working" on some breakfast and an awesome fort.

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