Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting Ready for New Baby

We are only looking at 2 1/2 weeks until D-Day. Yes, the last half of this pregnancy seems to have flown by. Of course, the first half seemed like 2 years, so I guess it evens out. Davis helped me get out the baby clothes. And by helped, I mean he tossed them every which way in the living room as I was attempting to sort the 0-3 sizes from the 3-6 sizes. We got them washed, folded, and put away. We bought diapers. And more diapers because my sweet almost-3-year-old is not willing to switch to big boy underwear. Which is ok for now. . . I am too big and too tired to clean pee off the carpet and toilet and pants now. Maybe my mom can get him potty trained while she is here helping when the baby comes. What do you think, Mom?

We finally picked a name for the soon-to-be newest member of our family - Noah Max Buttars. It makes me feel more settled having that decision made. Hope he looks like a Noah, because we really don't have a backup name. I am excited to see if he has red hair like Davis did or dark hair like me . . . or no hair at all. With Davis, who came out with a full head of flaming red hair, the nurses said it was all that hair that caused my heartburn (don't know how medically correct that is), so judging by the amount of Tums I am going through, we can hope for another head full of hair!


Kaija said...

TWO weeks! WOW! I swear you're only like 7 months along! I love the name you picked out! Good luck with everything! and I don't blame ya about the potty training thing...bring on the diapers!

Anonymous said...

We'll see how the potty training goes while Grandma is there....I may leave it for Davis' mom to do when she gets around to it.

I'm looking forward to helping with the new baby and playing with Davis when the baby arrives!