Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last two date nights

So, I have gotten a little lazy in sharing our date nights because they haven't been terribly original, but they have been tons of fun! We are so lucky to have Matthew staying with us so we can go out for date night.

Two weeks ago, Darren chose to go to Iggy's for dinner. But it wasn't just dinner, it was the first game of the NBA Finals, and it was so much fun to be there with other basketball fans. We sat together in our own booth and had the sense of being all by ourselves, but there were also other people cheering, so it was also fun to be part of a larger group. Not my favorite food (anyone have a suggestion there, because we hope to go again if it makes it to Game 7), but super fun!

Last week was Girl's Camp, so we just had a quick little date a few days later. We went to Village Inn for pie (and french fries . . . something about sweet and salty just goes together) and because it was way past dinnertime, it was nice and quiet. It was a great chance to share about Girl's Camp and hear how his week went as a bachelor (I was a little worried he might starve to death.)

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