Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Help Mama cook dinner!

Davis has been more that a little sick for the last few days. We finally got into the doctor today and it turns out he has terrible infections in both ears. No wonder he's been crying about everything.

Sunday evening he had been miserable and I was trying to get dinner made while keeping Davis happy - not an easy task even on a good day. After a few minutes I realized Davis had been quiet a little too long. I glanced around the kitchen and saw that he was burrowing in the pantry (just our little closet with food in it). He comes out from behind the door carrying a small bottle of poppy seeds, walks over and hands it to me. Then he heads back to the pantry and re-emerges with another spice jar. He walks over, hands it to me, and says, "Here you go, Mama." After a few more items are handed to me ("Here you go Mama," with each one), he decides he needs to put them on the counter himself. "Davis do it," he says. A few more and the counter is nearly full of spice jars, gravy packets, and whatever else was on the bottom few shelves. He looks up at me (I am still trying to get potatoes mashed and corn cooked in the midst of this little project) and tells me, "Help Mama cook dinner." Aww, man. The mess was totally worth having my two-year-old think he was helping me make dinner.

By the time dinner was ready, not only was the counter full, but the table was also covered with things from the pantry. So I wiped them all down with Clorox wipes (perhaps the pantry was not the best place for a sick boy to be occupied, but he sure was intent) put everything away and thanked Davis for being such a good helper.

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Kaija said...

Oh cute! He is helpful even when he is sick! Hope he gets feeling better soon! For both your sake and his!