Tuesday, June 29, 2010

If you don't like being in the sprinklers, keep running!

There is a country song that goes something like that. And a life lesson to be learned. But for this post, I'm actually talking about real sprinklers.

Davis is not a fan of water in his face. So we had to teach him how to run through the sprinklers this weekend. Darren was working on the sprinkler system and Davis and I were "helping" him. One of the sprinklers was shooting low (thus the reason Darren was working on them) and it provided a great opportunity to let Davis go through without it hitting his face. But he was so funny; he would walk into the spray, then just stand there with this "What is going on here?" face. I had to take his hand and walk him out the other side to show him that you just have to keep moving to get away from the water.

After a few tries, he decided he really liked running (yes, he got the hang of it) through that sprinkler. So we thought he might be ready for the big-boy sprinklers. The ones that actually spray high and far. I had to show him (excellent excuse to run play in the sprinklers as an adult!) how to run from one side of the lawn to the other. And again, he got about half way, then stopped and freaked out a bit. So back in I went, grabbed his hand, and we emerged on the other side. Strangely, he wanted to do it again - if I went first. But instead of running, he walked through. Over and over. And loved it. Hopefully he will remember for next time!

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Anonymous said...

Davis is so lucky to have a mom who will run through the sprinklers with him!

Davis' Grandma