Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Davis!

On Friday, Davis turned 2! My little baby boy is not so little anymore and not so much a baby. This is Davis before the big day began. I rarely get to see him sleeping because we put him in bed awake and wait until he is calling for us ("Mama, are you?" - yes, he leaves out the word "where") before we go in in the morning. But Friday morning I had to wake him up to get ready and he looked so peaceful and sweet and innocent. I will remember this picture as the "terrible two" advance.

We decided to invite some family and friends to go to the zoo with us in the morning - one of Davis' favorite places. Davis and his friend, Payson, checking out the rhinos.

We stopped for a little Popsicle break late in the morning. This is Davis with my mom (my friend Natalie and her son, Payson are in the background).

Then we had a picnic for dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday (same day as Davis') and Father's Day.

Then back home for cake and ice cream with family and to open presents for Davis. As I was lighting the candles inside before I brought out the cake, Davis was watching me and started singing "Happy Birthday" before the cake left the table. He loves to sing "Happy Birthday", no matter who's birthday it is.
My sister, Kim, was nice enough to referee Davis and his food.

Davis has a thing for helping me do whatever I am trying to do, so we got him his own lawnmower so he doesn't have to help push the big one.
Davis got his very own golf set. He loves watching golf with Darren and started "golfing" with my mixing spoons and wiffle balls. Here is Darren showing Davis the fine art of golfing.
He looks like a pro!Not so happy with his hit. What a funny face!

Notice the ball at his feet. A few times he swung with all his might and then looked around to find where the ball had gone. Unfortunately, it was right where it started.

It was a crazy, fantastic day and even though Davis is not really sure what it means when we say "Happy Birthday" I sure hope he had a great time.


Brittany said...

Cute, Cute pictures. I love them! I can't wait to meet up with you in a few weeks when we come out there. We will have to iron out the details. I love the picture of Davis Sleeping! I think kids look their best while sleeping, at least mine do.

Anonymous said...

That day was SO MUCH fun! And I love these pictures!!