Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The 4th of July in Star Valley

I wish I had cute pics to post with this, but . . . they are still on my camera. And Jackie's camera. Anyway, we went up to Star Valley to spent the 4th of July with Darren's grandma, GG. It was much cooler there than I expected and so Davis and I wore the one and only pair of pants I packed for each of us for three days.

We tried to get rid of Davis's fear of water in the pool up there. He loves his bathtub, but not much else. No splashing, and apparently no deep water. It took a good 20 minutes just to get him into the pool and we shamelessly used peer pressure. "Look, Davis, your cousins are in the pool. And Nana. And everyone else." Finally we got him in, but only if one of us held him tight, with both arms. And then he didn't really want to stay in. I don't know where this fear has come from... he loved the pool last year.

We also took him to play a round of golf with us. He LOVED it! He took his own little golf club and ball and every time we got to a green, he got out of the cart and hit his ball. He was very encouraging to the other golfers in the group, calling "Good shot, Nana." or "In the hole, Daddy."

And of course he loved GG's "new house" (to differentiate from her other house by us). He likes to play marbles with GG and eat her cookies. That is what he talked about for 75% of the three hour drive up there. Luckily, she had both those things up there.

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Lora said...

So fun, I wish I could've gone! I wonder why he's scared of water too.. I need to send you that fireworks picture too, by the way. Glad you guys had fun! (we're going in Aug, are you in??)