Friday, March 26, 2010

Ode to Spring

Oh, sweet Spring! We welcome you with open arms and empty gardens waiting to be planted and strollers waiting to be brought out of storage and flowers waiting to pop up and a backyard yearning to be played in.

What joy it brings to my soul to be able to walk outside and play with Davis without having to don a full second and third layers of clothing. I had almost forgotten how wonderful it is to walk around the block without risking frostbite.

Davis has loved his new-found freedom outside, probably more than me. We recently got a little used tricycle that he has loved (thanks, Mom!). In fact, we have to hide it so that he doesn't throw a fit every time we get out of the car and want to ride the bike instead of going inside.

Spring has also brought a new heaven for Davis. The unplanted garden. So much dirt to dig and poke and throw and sit in and lay in (yes, I said lay in). Luckily, it is just dirt, and it all washes out. Of course, it means several new sets of clothes each day and a laundry load twice the size in half the time. But I am willing to pay the price for the sweet joys of Spring.


Celeste said...

I started laughing as I read this, because about 1 hour ago it turned into a blizzard outside. Oh no! Maybe Davis will get a chance to ride his new bike inside?

Anonymous said...

What a lucky little boy Davis is to have you for his mom!