Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Go Jazz!

Darren and I had an awesome time at the Jazz game last night! I hate watching any sporting event where one team is way ahead of the other, so I was a little worried when the Jazz came out strong and took an early lead. Then the Suns must have decided to put a little effort into the game and they pulled way ahead. By the third and fourth quarters it was really close and and turned out to be a great game! We did our share of screaming and clapping and it was fun to just be there amidst all the excitement.

Before the game we went to Z-Tejas, at the Gateway. It was really good south-western food and you get hot cornbread instead of chips and salsa before your meal. Many of the entrees were $10-$20, but you get a 20% discount if you are going to the Jazz game, which we didn't know about until the waiter asked if that's where we were headed (thanks to my Jazz shirt from a few years ago) and viola! our check was not so big!

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Darren B said...

Good food + good game + Marian = Fun date night!