Monday, January 25, 2010

Project 52: Date Nights

I found this challenge on, who got it from and because this was already a goal for us, I decided to join the fun. Basically, the challenge is to have one date night a week with your spouse. To make it official and accountable there are rules and even a pledge to sign (click on the "Project 52" button on the right to find these things). The basic idea is to be creative and take turns planning the dates, keep them cheap and simple (at home if possible), and no kids allowed. Because we decided to try and make date night a priority this year, here are the ones we have done so far:

1. Go out for ice cream-We don't have a Cold Stone, so it was Big Rock with eggnog ice cream and carmel and chocolate sauce.
2. Dinner and a movie - Roosters (amazing Cream of Spinach soup, which sounds gross, but as I already said - amazing!) and Avatar (we really enjoyed it, but didn't realize it was so long)
3. Watch a football game Darren really wanted to see (I don't even remember who was playing but we cheered together - well, sort of - I decided to cheer for the other team just to keep things interesting)
4. Tonight-the Jazz game - yep, actually going down to Salt Lake to experience the famous effect of the Jazz fans. We went to a game a few years ago and had a blast, so we asked for tickets for Christmas (thanks GG!) and are super excited!

Simply Modern Mom has invited all to join and link up or comment with their dates so we can share ideas. Every Tuesday there will be a new post there and the opportunity to share.


Tiffany said...

that's awesome that you were already doing this! such fun dates! my husband wants to see avatar. i'm a bit iffy about it. but i've been hearing only good things about it. did you see it in imax?

thanks for sharing your date nights with us and hope to see you link up again next week!
tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

Mande's J-Life said...

Very cool. Looks like you guys were already off to the good start!

Kim said...

Let me know if you ever need a babysitter for any of those dates. I'd be happy to come up! Or even if you need some company when Darren is at work in the evenings, let me know.

Debi (The Romantic Vineyard) said...

It sounds like you've had some great dates already this year. Good job! Isn't it fun to look forward to this special time with your husband? Thanks for sharing - I look forward to many more...

Diana Ralphs said...

Continuing to Date your spouse is so important in a marriage, especially when you have small children that often require most of your attention.


Mid-Craft Crisis said...

Wow, you are doing really well. We aren't able to go out much at all, with out our little darlings, unfortunately. Your dates sound like heaps of fun.