Monday, May 2, 2016

Mom's Favorite Sport: Sleeping

One morning, a few days after Easter, Davis finished his reading and decided to draw.  He drew each member of the family participating in their favorite sport.  He was playing basketball, Noah was kicking a soccer ball, I think.  I don't remember what Darren and Eva were, but they had something to do with balls.  And then there was mine.

Me:  "Davis, am I laying down?"
Davis:  "Yeah."
Me:  "So, my favorite sport is . . . ?"
Davis:  "Sleeping in bed."
Pause for a bit while I let it sink in that my oldest child thinks my favorite sport is sleeping.   Granted, Darren had gotten up with the kids that morning (we sort of take turns), so I had been sleeping in bed while Davis was creating his masterpieces.  He defended himself by saying he didn't really know what to draw for me.

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