Sunday, May 1, 2016

Conference Weekend in Ferron, April 1-3

The weekend at the end of Spring Break dawned sunny and warmer.  We had decided to spend the weekend down in Ferron to visit with Grandma June, who was staying with Mom and Dad for a week or so, and to visit some fun places with the kids.

Friday, Dad borrowed two gentle horses and saddled them up for the kids.  Davis initially said he wanted to ride, but as soon as he got up there, he freaked out and refused to do anything but get off.  So, being the brave and wise mother that I am, I pulled up my big girl pants and got myself onto that horse to show Davis it wasn't scary.  It was for a minute, until I realized that old horse was probably the slowest horse on earth.  After a few minutes Davis decided he wanted to try again, with me riding behind him.  Oh, the trust he had in his mother, thinking I knew what I was doing and could keep him safe.  Little did he know I hadn't been on a horse for over 15 years, and then only once or twice since childhood.

We walked around the field by Grandma and Grandpa's house a bit, then Davis decided he wanted to ride by himself.  So I led the horse around while Davis gathered memories of riding a horse at Grandpa's house.  Jeanette and her family arrived while we were riding and so each of her boys took a turn riding with me.  Even cute little Eva took a turn.  After awhile, the horse decided she was tired of that activity and got a little stubborn, refusing to be led or follow the reins of the rider.  But Sunday morning, Davis was back up on the horse, taking a turn along with Jesse's boys.

On Saturday, we went to Goblin Valley and met Jesse's family down there.  What a great place to let the kids roam and explore all the "goblins" and caves and trails.  It was a little breezy, and on and off chilly, but soooo fun!  On the drive home, we stopped to see the dinosaur footprints on the road to back toward Moore.  Noah thought they were so cool and wanted to know the type of dinosaur that made them, but unfortunately Grandpa's knowledge of the area didn't cover that detail.

We watched General Conference on Sunday and drove home.  Another successful trip to Ferron.  And there is just something about seeing my kids riding horses and hiking and being outside and making memories down there that compels me to take a gazillion pictures.  I curated the collection down to the following pictures.

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