Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday, Noah!

5th.  That's right.  Noah has gone and turned 5.  He is my cuddly, loving, whiney, funny, emotional, imaginative buddy.  He chose to have a Jungle themed party, although what he really wanted me to put on the invitation was "Meat-Eaters" party.  I talked him down - because gorillas and crocodiles and monkeys and sloths are almost as cool as tigers and jaguars and panthers.

He had a few neighborhood friends over in the afternoon - Kaylee, Isaac, and Jacob.  We played games outside and had cake and ice cream (cake made by my fantastic neighbor, Sonja Anderson).  Then we had the family over for pizza and more cake and ice cream.  It was a bit of a hectic day because we got home from our staycation to Lehi around 1 pm and Noah's first party started at 3:30.  I let Davis stay home the rest of the afternoon to help me decorate and get ready for the parties.

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Anonymous said...

What a great birthday for a great boy!