Friday, May 6, 2016

Family Staycation, April 18-19

In the dead of winter, well, maybe the dead of wintery March, I decided the family needed a vacation.  I looked at lots of options from St.  George to California to Idaho.  I planned trips to each place, but kept coming up against school and work and travel time and budget.  So, finally we settled on a short staycation close to home.  Darren and Davis took two days off and we drove down to Lehi.  We visited the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point.  The kids loved the jungle climbing area, although we lost Noah more than once.  They also liked Kidopolis - Davis loved the bank where he and Noah sent the money tube back and forth for quite awhile.  They also liked the drum room.

After thoroughly exploring the museum (Darren and Eva left for a little car ride and nap after lunch), we went to the hotel to check in and go swimming.  As I waited to check in, I noticed a sign that said the pool was closed for three days.  What?!  I had called and confirmed the night before and asked about the pool.  No mention of a closure.  I explained the situation as calmly as possible to the desk worker, although I am sure she could see I was trying to keep the panic out of my voice.  Having to tell three kids who have been over-the-moon excited to go swimming that there would be no swimming would have utterly ruined the vacation.  She said we could use the pool at their sister property nearby.  Which we did and it was fine, but quite inconvenient.  So, the manager of the hotel gave us our voucher back (we bought several vouchers for an ad on ksl for a great price on a king bedroom suite) and we got to stay for free!

One thing the boys love doing at hotels is watching the shows on tv they don't get to watch at home, their favorite being SpongeBob.  The first thing they did when we got into the hotel room was turn the tv and guess what show was just starting - SpongeBob Squarepants.  Lucky boys.  So we watched and swam and ate sub sandwiches for dinner and watched some more that night.  As a side note, Darren picked Firehouse Subs for dinner and after we ordered we learned that kids ate free on Mondays!  Yay!  The next morning we swam some more and visited the Dinosaur Museum, where Noah was afraid of almost everything.  We had a great time and made fun memories and we are excited to do it again!

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