Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fun Things My Kids Say

Noah, after the Sacrament prayer:  "Who said that prayer?"
Darren:  " One of the boys up there."
Noah: "Oh.  I thought it was Jesus.
I was bathing Eva and Noah while Davis was writing a letter to his 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Allgood, to go along with a Valentine treat.
Davis: "How do you spell teacher?"
Me: "T-e-a-c-h-e-r"
Davis: pause, and then "How do you spell brain?"
Me:  "B-r-a-i-n"
Davis:  pause, and then "How do you spell explode?"
Me: pause, and then "Explode?  What are you writing?"

"Dear Mrs. Allgood,
Thank you for being my teacher.  You teach me so many new things that my brain is going to explode soon."

What teacher wouldn't love that note?
As we were loading up in the car to go somewhere:
Noah: "Eva is not the cutest girl in the whole wide world." (This conversation had already been going on between Davis and Noah before I opened the door.  I can't imagine what came before this part.)
Me:  "She's not?  Who is?"
Noah:  "Mama!"
One day, out of the blue Noah whisper-yelled, "I love you so much I 'm going to explode!"
At the store, looking for a new broom:
Me:  "Now find me a broom." (talking to Noah and Eva as we walked down the aisles)
Noah:  "So you can fly up in the sky?"

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