Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mr. Noah, Dec 2016

He hates being called Mr. Noah.  I guess they call him that in preschool, too, and he doesn't like it.  I always forget until it slips out and he gets mad.  Noah loves to play and be silly and pretend.  He is still the sweetest little boy around, though.  He has a love/hate relationship with preschool.  For the first few months he loved preschool.  Then, out of nowhere, he hated it.  He would run away and hide outside when Isaac's mom (Michelle) pulled up to take him to school.  I would have to hold him in, kicking and screaming, and buckle his seat belt.  Michelle finally found out that he would settle down if she let him call me just before going into preschool.

But then, after Christmas break, he decided he wasn't going to cry when it was time to go to preschool anymore and now he likes it again.  He is learning so much there.  I was worried about how well he would handle a classroom situation and if he would go along with the schoolwork part.  Apparently he does and he can recognize all his letters and number 1-10 and write his own name.

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