Friday, January 22, 2016

Miss Eva, Dec 2016

Eva has hair that would make any girl or woman jealous.  It is so blonde and long and has a gentle curl at the bottom.  It would be constantly in her face if we didn't keep it clipped back with a bow or pulled up in a little ponytail.  She loves music and singing and clapping.  One night at dinner I started singing If You're Happy and You Know It.  She got sooooo excited and started clapping along.  At the end of the song, she begged for more.  I realized I had never sung that song with her - I hadn't done much singing with her at all.  There were just other things to do during the day.  She had learned that song in nursery.  So, every since then, I try to sing with her and Noah every day.

Eva isn't much of a sitter.  She doesn't sit for shows or to read a book or to play a little game.  Except for singing.  She will sit for singing.  She runs from room to room and place to place.  She likes to take care of her baby dolls and wrap them in blankets and put necklaces on them.  And when I say she likes to wrap them in blankets, I mean she likes me to wrap them in blankets.  Over and over.

Eva insists on sitting next to me whenever I sit down to play the piano.  She doesn't sit for long, but she gets very offended if I start to play without helping her up on the bench. 

Eva still sucks on the first two fingers to soothe herself to sleep.  Just like Noah did.  Well, still does.  It's a habit we are trying to break with him, but still is cute for her.

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