Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Saturday "Projects"

Darren loves to do "projects" with the boys on Saturdays.  He gets them all excited to help him do things - clean the shed, fix a shelf, pick up the toy room, mow the lawn, empty the garbages, and other manly things dads and boys do on Saturdays.  Davis writes a list in the morning and they work their way down the list.  And then, the reason they go along with it all, he takes the boys to Maverik.  It's only about a mile away, but it takes them at least 30 minutes, sometimes longer.  He lets them choose a fountain drink and add flavor shots.  They browse the cool candy toy things with parts that move or light up.  No mom their to hurry them along.  They all love it.

One drizzly Saturday morning in May, one of their projects was cleaning the golf clubs (both Darren's and Davis's).  Noah was just there for the company.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky boys to have a dad who will spend Saturday with them.