Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Noah in the Night

I have to skip all the posts I still need to do for the summer and record what Noah said last night.  Noah is my nighttime mover and talker.  He gets up if his water bottle is empty or if he needs some company or if his bed is too hot.  When he is asleep, he rolls from side to side and shifts all night long.  Sometimes he laughs in his sleep, sometimes it's just mumbling, sometimes just noises.

He has apparently been having bad dreams lately.  Sometimes he will come into my room saying he had a bad dream, so I let him get in with me for awhile.  Then he tells me he is ready to go back to his own bed, and goes and gets in bed by himself.  While we were in Star Valley last weekend, all sleeping in the same room, I heard him talking in his sleep, saying, "Go away bad guy," and whimpering.

Last night, I was downstairs, up late watching a new tv show, and Noah came down and worriedly asked,
"Is my skeleton coming out?"  My show was a bit creepy (witches and vampires and such) and so I was taken back by his question.
"Coming out of where?"  I asked, trying to understand.
"Ummm, did you have a bad dream?"
"Yeah.  First there were fishbones coming out of here (he pointed to the end of his fingers), and then my bones started coming out."
He didn't seem too scared anymore, but I was a bit scared now.  So we walked upstairs, turning the lights off behind us and I laid in bed with him until he said he was ok and I could go get in my own bed.  Poor guy.  Weird dream.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky little boy to have a mother who will listen to his worries and lay in bed with him until he is ready to be alone with his dreams again.