Monday, December 29, 2014

We have had a crazy few months.  Crazy, I tell ya'.  So, today, sitting in my parents house in Ferron, I decided to catch up on my blog.  You know, so posterity won't miss anything.  I logged in and my last entry was from the end of October.  And it wasn't even about things from the end of October.  So, I am a bit farther behind than I thought.  And the thought of trying to get caught up is a bit daunting.  Family pictures to post.  Halloween; there are a thousand pictures from Halloween everyone should see because my kids looked awesome.  Thanksgiving.  House hunting.  Packing.  House hunting.  Cleaning.  Finding a house.  Moving things to storage.  Christmas in Ferron.  Waiting to move again.

So, that is my update for now.  Maybe tomorrow I will start catching up.  Maybe not.  But seriously, when you see the Halloween pictures you will be glad I finally got them up.  It just might not be until Easter.

Today (I remember a really good journaler (is that even a word?) once gave a lesson on keeping journals and she said that if you get really behind, just start from the day you are on.) is a dreary day in Ferron.  Our family got walkie talkies in our stockings and the boys are loving the "wild goose chases" Grandpa is sending them on.  He sent Davis to get some random thing, to keep him busy yesterday, and Davis loved it.  So they are doing it again today.  Thank goodness for grandpas!

The boys got light sabers for Christmas and we gave Davis a few Star Wars books.  We read the story of Darth Vader, from young Anakin to his death and things make a lot more sense now.  The boys love Star Wars even though they have never seen any of the movies and they occasionally ask me which are the bad guys and I have no clue.  Now I understand a bit more and perhaps could answer correctly.

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Anonymous said...

In a few months, you'll look back on these "homeless" days and find them full of adventures and know everything is "ok". We love you.