Sunday, October 12, 2014

Noah is SOOO Funny!

Davis went through the stage where he said the funniest things.  They were often involved stories with interesting theories about the things around him.  He has since grown up and knows more about the world.  I miss those days.

But Noah has now entered that stage.  A bit different . . . dimension, though.  He is so in his own world that the funny things he says are so random and wrapped up in other things.  I didn't write down things when he started into this phase, but then I got a little more on top of things.  Now I have scraps of paper around the house filled with the little things he says that make me laugh.  All of these have been in the last month or so.

At the dinner table:  "One time I died.  But then I punched the died.  And I punched the bad guys. And the robots."

Kneeling on the top step of a 3-step step ladder:
Davis: "Stand up!"
Noah:  "No!  The ceiling will get me!"

I was feeding Eva breakfast and Noah, still in his pj's, kept coming in, opening the fridge, and running back to the living room.  I knew he was stealing grapes and taking them back to Davis.  But I I asked why he was opening the fridge.
Noah's answer:  "Because we are black jaguars and we have four paws."
Um, ok.  Not sure of the connection there.

Noah and Eva were playing on my bed while I was fixing my hair.  I came back in to find Noah holding a pillow over Eva with both hands.
Me: "What are you doing?"
Noah:  "I'm going to squish Eva."
Me:  "That's not a good idea!"
Noah:  "Why not?"
Because.  No bodily harm to your sister is allowed.

Potty training with Noah has not gone well.  So, when he told us he was going to poop, and then actually did poop in the potty, we were a bit excited.  Darren was working at home and he and I were clapping and hooraying and we apparently were overexcited because Noah said, "Why are you guys so happy, yelling in my ear?"

I told Noah we were going to go up into the mountains to take family pictures.
Noah:  "I hate mountains."
Me:  "Why?"
Noah:  "Because I will fall off."

This morning after I put his church pants on, he said, very excitedly, "I have pockets!"  And then very seriously, "I need weapons in them."

After church today, Noah was not feeling well.  He wanted me to read him a story, but not sit too close.  "Don't get too close or I will squirt my sick in you."

And there you have it.  All the notes jotted down on the scraps of paper.  I will start new ones tomorrow.  I love Noah.  He talks constantly.  He is mostly in his own world.  He wants us to be there with him.  I will be interested to see how it all plays out as he grows older.


Anonymous said...

We love Noah too!


MJ said...

I love this! I can just picture him saying all of these things.