Friday, June 20, 2014

Davis's First Baby Tooth Gone!

Davis lost his first tooth!  Yay!  And yes, the Tooth Fairy came and brought a whole dollar.  His tooth had been loose for awhile.  Like, a month.  And on the Sunday afternoon we blessed Eva (May 4), the boys were watching a movie and Davis asked me to pull his tooth out.  It was hanging by a thread.  Or whatever it is that keeps those little teeth in at the end.  I couldn't do it.  Too gross.  So he went back to the movie and a few minutes later he pulled it out himself.  He was pretty excited.

His next tooth came out several weeks later.  It was barely loose, but he tried to open a tupperware dish with his teeth and it just popped out.  The tupperware stayed closed.  He was so surprised, and maybe a little scared, that he accidentally threw the tooth in the garbage.  But we wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining the situation and she left him a dollar.


Anonymous said...

These are signs that he's growing up!


Calandra Novak said...

Awww! Davis looks adorable even when he's missing a tooth. Haha! I would have loved to see his reaction when his tooth popped out while he was trying to open a tupperware f;glu his teeth. I bet he was so happy that he got two dollars from the tooth fairy for having two of his baby teeth gone in about a month's time. :)

Calandra Novak

Shannon Barrett said...
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Shannon Barrett said...

How nostalgic! I remember when the little ones used to have their baby teeth pulled out when they were loose. I'm glad Davis was really brave about losing his first baby tooth. He seems thrilled about meeting the tooth fairy, too. I'd love to hear more about their next encounter. Keep us posted, Marian. Take care! :)

Shannon Barrett @ Best Care Dental Center