Monday, February 10, 2014

The Things Noah Says

Noah says the funniest things.  But I never seem to remember them.  Or write them down.  And alot of the "funny" part of what he says is watching his face, which is soooo full of expression.  And it just doesn't translate well into written form.  But here are a few of his bits of wisdom lately.

My all time favorite is when I get home from somewhere and the boys have been left home with Darren, Noah runs to me and says, "Mommy!  I missed you!"  Sometimes he says, "Mommy!  I love you!"  And occasionally he says, "Mommy!  I lost you!  And now I found you!"  Melts my heart every time.

We almost always take our shoes off when we get home.  Not because we are trying to keep our carpet clean (impossible!), but just because it is more comfortable.  Occasionally, I leave my shoes or boots on because it is just too hard to reach down there and get them off.  A few days ago, I have left my brown boots on after running errands and I had started cooking.  I walked into the living room and Noah took one look at my boots and said, "Take your boots off in my home!"   So I did.

Last night, Darren and Davis and Noah went to Nana and Bumpa's house to ask them to help sponsor Davis in his school Academic Olympics.  The kids had to reach the academic goals each grade set and then people donate money to the school.  Anyway . . . On the way home, Noah saw the moon and the stars and said, "Look, Dad!  The moon woke up!"

     Noah and I have started going regularly to story time at the library on Mondays.  He is uncharacteristically shy there, and always sits on my lap instead of on the carpet with the other kids.  But he loves the stories and especially loves dancing with the egg shakers or scarves.  And of course, the bubbles and the stamp on the hand at the end are what really gets him there each week.  Last week, there was an older lady substituting for the younger girl who is usually there.  She was not quite as engaging as the regular teacher, and kind of rushed through things.
     Today, when I asked if Noah wanted to go to story time, he first said yes, then added, "But not the yucky girl.  Just the good girl in the chair."  I knew the older lady was going to be there again this week, but I didn't tell him that.  All the way to the library he kept saying, "Not the yucky girl in the chair.  Just the good girl in the chair."  At some point, it changed from "good girl" to "warm girl."  I asked him why he called her the warm girl.  "Because she is not the yucky girl."  Ok.  Warm is better than yucky, I suppose.
     I was so worried that we would get in there and he would see the older lady and call out, "Not the yucky girl!"  But he didn't.  Until the very end after most people had dispersed and she was busy in the front doing something and we had been chilling toward the back reading a book.  Noah looked up and asked, "Where's the yucky girl?"  I pointed toward the front, he said "Oh" and we went back to reading the book.  Embarrassing situation avoided.  But we are both hoping the "warm girl" is back next week.

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Anonymous said...

You are so wise to "record" these cute thing Noah says. Soon he will be all grown up and you will miss these special times.