Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Fire Hair"

Last night I had my hair cut and colored so it would look good for the Big D-day and well beyond that.  I wanted a little something different so I wouldn't feel quite so frumpy in those first few pajama-clad weeks of having a newborn.  So I went darker, with very red highlights.  Love it.

This morning, in the kitchen, Noah looked up in the middle of playing with his toys and said, "Mama, you have brown (sounds like bwown because he still can't say his L's or R's very good) hair."  I kneeled down so he could see close and told him to look for the red.  Davis came over and proclaimed in awe, "You have LAVA hair!"

I went upstairs after breakfast to tell Darren what they had said and Noah followed and was again absorbed in playing with his toy animals by the bed.  As I repeated what Noah had said, he must have been listening because he whispered, "Fire hair!"

I wanted something that would be noticed and I guess I got it.  If my little boys notice, I suppose others will too!


Lora said...

I'm excited to see it! I wish I could get a dang haircut so it's not so gross for months to come!

Anonymous said...

Anxious to see it next week!