Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy Halloween 2013

Someday soon, I will be caught up on my blog posts.  But not today.  Today you get to read about Halloween in January.

Davis and Noah knew what they wanted to be months before Halloween this year.  Noah was going to be Batman and Davis was going to be a skeleton.  And because I knew there was no way I was making a skeleton costume, we hit the stores early and found both costumes.  Oh man, were they excited.  Davis's favorite part about his costume?  The fact that when he wore the mask with it, he scared Noah to death.

The first event of Halloween - Nana's Halloween party was awesome.  The kids loved the games, and especially liked the one where they got to race around the circle with a witch wig and broom.  Noah refused to wear his costume, after so much anticipation.  And he was a little freaked out about Davis's skeleton mask and Ty's vampire teeth.  Halloween can be a tough time of year for such a little kid.

He was willing to don the costume for the Primary Halloween Carnival a few days later, and by the day of Halloween, he was also willing to wear his Batman mask and not freak out about Davis's mask.  He put his mask on, without the costume, and saw himself in the mirror and decided he looked awesome.  And I thought he was the cutest bare belly Batman ever.  We went trick or treating with Ty and Livy and they all had a great time, with Noah trying to keep up with the big kids running from house to house.

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Wish I could have been there!